Dreyfus Online Occurrence Recording System- DOORS

Dear IS 49 Staff members,

On Monday February 3, 2014, the UFT members of IS 49 will be initiating our own disciplinary data collection system. The UFT members are taking this initiative to get students back in their engaging classrooms and enhance the learning environment. Unfortunately, the school has landed on the NYS Persistently Dangerous List for the second year in a row. The Dreyfus Online Occurrence Recording System, or DOORS (as in engaging lessons are taking place, don’t cut class and stay within the DOORS of the classroom), will work as follows:

  1. Once you observe, or experience, a disciplinary infraction, YOU MUST FILL OUT AN OFFICIAL DOE INCIDENT REPORT. Even for cutting and cursing.
  2. In addition to writing up and taking appropriate action for an occurrence like cutting (Infraction B03) with the DOE system, please also Please fill out this DOORS Input Form
  3. Once we see a student has committed enough infractions to warrant administrative discipline, we will contact the administrators and request proper action be taken.
  4. If proper action, pursuant to the DOE’s Discipline Code, is not taken, then we will file the appropriate grievances.

UFT members, please remember these four points:

  1. Discipline is defined as learning, not punishment. However, a student who continuously cuts class, curses at teachers, hits their classmates and continues to be rewarded with trips and candy, is not learning.
  2. It is not because teachers do not have engaging lessons that the school has discipline problems. It is because discipline itself is lacking, but apathetic staff members need to take some of the responsibility.
  3. The administration and district were informed of this system and I have heard no objections.
  4. It is on you now.

2 thoughts on “Dreyfus Online Occurrence Recording System- DOORS

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